FANUC DNM 750 II maskineringssenter

FANUC DNM 750 II maskineringssenter
FANUC DNM 750 II maskineringssenter
FANUC DNM 750 II maskineringssenter bilde 2
FANUC DNM 750 II maskineringssenter bilde 3
FANUC DNM 750 II maskineringssenter bilde 4
FANUC DNM 750 II maskineringssenter bilde 5
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€ 86 000
≈ kr 981 000
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Merke:  FANUC
Modell:  DNM 750 II
Type:  maskineringssenter
Produksjonsår:  2019
Sted:  Tyskland Kaiserslautern
Dato oppført:  11. mai 2024
Forhandler lager ID:  SI-MIL-DOO-2019-00001
Stand:  brukt

Mer informasjon — FANUC DNM 750 II maskineringssenter

This DOOSAN DNM 750 II vertical machining center was manufactured in 2019. It offers extensive X, Y, and Z-axis travels of 1600 mm, 762 mm, and 650 mm respectively, equipped with a Fanuc control system. The machine features a high-speed spindle with a BT40 taper capable of 12,000 rpm, enhanced by cooling through the spindle for optimal performance. It includes a 30-piece tool magazine, Renishaw touch probe, and a chip conveyor, ensuring efficient operations. With 80% of its processing dedicated to aluminum and a newly replaced spindle motor in August 2023, this DOOSAN DNM 750 II is a reliable choice for precision milling. Contact us for more information.
application type: Milling
Location: Slovenia
machine type: Machining centers (vertical)
availability: Immediately
control unit brand: Fanuc
Number of spindles: 1
Spindle speed range: 12,000 RPM 1/MIN
Tool taper: BT40
Number of axis: 3
X-AXIS Movement: 1600 MM
Y-AXIS Movement: 762 MM
Z-AXIS Movement: 650 MM
Chip conveyor: Yes
Advanced machining capabilities with high-speed spindle suitable for extensive aluminum processing.- Enhanced operational reliability following the recent spindle motor replacement
Precision and accuracy in machining supported by the renishaw touch probe.- Efficient chip management system to maintain a clean and effective working environment.- 80% processing of aluminum
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