Ny KINGLINK MC450 Concrete Road Curb extruder kantutlegger

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USD 25 000
≈ € 24 300
≈ kr 249 900
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Modell MC450 Concrete Road Curb extruder
Type kantutlegger
Produksjonsår 2022
Sted Kina Shanghai
Dato oppført mer enn 1 måned
Machineryline ID FX23900
Stand ny
Mer informasjon
MC450 is a kind of on site kerbmaker machine which produces curb & gutter in consolidation by extruding aggregate material into form. The machine can pave several shapes curbstones and gutters by changing forms and the machine are widely used in concrete construction slip former field such as road ditch and river dike etc
The power ram is in reciprocating motion to extrude the aggregate materials and the machine could suit to process construction tasks with different size requirements
Automatic control on steering and leveling by high quality sensors which makes the curbstones more smooth and neat
Control panel could be turned and easy for operation
it can be protected by disassembled after using
3 to 5 workers can use the machine to pave curb & gutter
and it is easily transported and with high performance-price ratio

Technical Data
Engine: 15HP US B&S Engine
Gross Weight: 960kg
Paving dimension: 1200mm*450mm (W*H)
Paving speed: 2.5m/min
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