Annonsen Casadei KC 40 kantbåndmaskin er solgt og er ikke inkludert i søket!
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Casadei KC 40 kantbåndmaskin
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Merke Casadei
Modell KC 40
Type kantbåndmaskin
Produksjonsår 2010
Nettovekt 680 kg
Sted Belgia
Dato oppført Jun 05, 2022
Machineryline ID WB26287
Totale mål 2.8 m × 1.2 m × 1.4 m
Stand brukt
Mer informasjon
Condition: Used
Thickness of glued panel: 8 - 45 mm
Glued edge thickness: 0.4 - 3 mm
Panel feed speed: 9 m / min
Output for extractions: 120 mm
Milling tools: 75 mm
Milling radius: 2 mm
Voltage: 220 kW
Availability: Immediately
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More info
Machine that works perfectly. No pre-milling saws front and back with upward saw milled at top and bottom
No polishing brushes and flat scrapers equipped with glue beads and preheated rulers
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