Annonsen BAUER MBF10 fundamentering rigg er solgt og er ikke inkludert i søket!
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BAUER MBF10 fundamentering rigg
på forespørsel
Modell MBF10
Type fundamentering rigg
Produksjonsår 2007
Kjøretimer 6600 m/t
Sted Storbritannia Middlesborough
Dato oppført mer enn 1 måned
Forhandler lager ID PF 39040
Drivstofftank 400 l
Effekt 146 kW (199 hk)
Stand brukt
Mer informasjon
price: Price on request
Bottom feed stone column vibro machine with 6600 operating hours
Bauer MBF10 carrier with UW25 undercarriage
Overall height 16m
Floor plate width 500mm
Overall width 2500-3300mm
Crawler length 4200mm
Width of track shoes 500mm
Traction force (effective) 210kN
Cummins diesel engine (201kW @ 2000rpm
Tier lll)
Hydraulic system hydraulic power output 146kW
Oil flow 2 x 150 + 1 x 120L/min
Operating pressure 300bar
Hydraulic tank 400L
TR17 vibro max depth 10.1m
Centrifugal force 193kN
Eccentric moment 1.7kgm
Frequency 53Hz
Operating weight 39.5T
Main winch 125kN (rope diameter 20mm)
Auxiliary winch 75kN (rope diameter 16mm)
Ingersoll rand air compressor - output 93kW
delivery rate 10.3 cubic metres per minute
delivery pressure 10bar
Crowd system crowd force (push/pull) 125/125kN
Total pull (winch & chain) 225kN
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