Annonsen Ny Sandvik DD321-40C borerigg er solgt og er ikke inkludert i søket!
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ny Sandvik DD321-40C borerigg
Merke Sandvik
Modell DD321-40C
Type borerigg
Produksjonsår 2021
Sted Irland Navan
Dato oppført mer enn 1 måned
Machineryline ID QM28960
Transportmål lengde - 12.35 m, bredde - 2.15 m
Effekt 110 kW (150 hk)
Stand ny
Mer informasjon
Location: Ireland
Dimension (L-W-H): 12350 * 2150 * 3200 mm
Weight (operating): 22,000 kgs
Sandvik DD321-40C for sale or rent. New condition with choice of fixed or split feed booms
Sandvik DD321 is a compact two-boom jumbo for
demanding conditions and multiple applications. The
jumbo is capable of face drilling
cross-cut drilling and
bolt hole drilling
The proven and robust SB40 boom provides coverage of 49 m². A selection of fixed and telescopic feeds are available for a variety of applications. boomer
face drill
Coverage area 49 m²
Hydraulic rock drills 2 x RD520
20 kW
Drilling feeds 2 x TF512
12 - 16 ft
Booms 2 x SB40
Control system 2 x THC561
Hole length Up to 4 660 mm
Drift size class (H x W) 4 000 mm x 4 000 mm
Turning width (T-section) 3 500 mm
Transport height 2 350 mm / 3 200 mm
Total weight 22 000 kg depending on options
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