Annonsen Ny PRIDE TITAN 80 borerigg er solgt og er ikke inkludert i søket!
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ny PRIDE TITAN 80 borerigg
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Modell TITAN 80
Type borerigg
Produksjonsår 2020
Sted Bulgaria Plovdiv
Dato oppført mer enn 1 måned
Machineryline ID GU24155
Gravedybde 200 m
Effekt 58.8 kW (80 hk)
Drivstoff diesel
Gir 2
Stand ny
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Mer informasjon
The rig can be equipped with a remote control (except for the economy of execution), which allows you to control drilling when the driller is in close proximity to the wellhead.
When the rig is equipped with a hydraulic rotary reducer (maximum torque 2000, 4000 N / m), equipped with a drilling fluid supply unit for washing or compressed air supply for work with purge and air hammer is not required.
In the basic configuration, the unit is equipped with a 2-flow hydraulic system, which allows you to independently adjust the force on the face and rotation of the tool.
Carriage feed - on hydraulic cylinder or chain.
The rig can be equipped with a hydraulic auxiliary winch, hydraulic outriggers.
It is possible to increase the mast to work with the pipe up to 3 meters
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