Ny PROJECT PJ10-1200 borekranmaskin

ny PROJECT PJ10-1200 borekranmaskin
ny PROJECT PJ10-1200 borekranmaskin
ny PROJECT PJ10-1200 borekranmaskin bilde 2
ny PROJECT PJ10-1200 borekranmaskin bilde 3
ny PROJECT PJ10-1200 borekranmaskin bilde 4
ny PROJECT PJ10-1200 borekranmaskin bilde 5
ny PROJECT PJ10-1200 borekranmaskin bilde 6
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Type:  borekranmaskin
Sted:  Italia Parola di Fidenza (Pr)
Dato oppført:  mer enn 1 måned
Machineryline ID:  XU27618
Antall aksling:  2
Stand:  ny

Mer informasjon — Ny PROJECT PJ10-1200 borekranmaskin

N° 1 drilling rig model PJ 10-1200 installed on two axle-truck 4x4
New drilling rig
Aux engine 6-cylinder turbo-charged, water-cooled, power 205 hp. Full mechanical governor.
4 outriggers (2 frontal + 2 rear) with indipendent control inorder to level and stabilize the rig during drilling operations
Mast damp with approx stroke 800 mm in order to set mat vertical position
Rotary cart stroke 5300 mm in order to use 5 mt long drill rods
Max pull back force 14 tons @ 250 bar
Pull down by means of hydraulic jack and fleyer chain
Rotary head with max torque 1200 kgm; 2 speed
1st speed: max torque 1200 kgm; speed range 0-60 rpm
2nd speed: max torque 600 kgm; speed range 0-120 rpm
Double clmp with passage: 70-320 mm
Lower clamp blocking type; upper clamp unscrewing type
Foam pump- clear water pump: max delivery 80 lt/1', pressure 50 bar
Winch with max pull line 4700 kg@ 1st layer

Truck: used 2 axle 4x4 in good general conditions
Drilling rig: barnd new
Several configurations available
Several optionals available as well (soil investigation pump, high pressure pump, in-line oiler, wire line-winch, screw pump, duplex piston mud pump, RC kit for mineral research.. etc..)

Price on request
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