Ny ZZBO MMDK-12 betongfabrikk

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Merke ZZBO
Modell MMDK-12
Type betongfabrikk
Produksjonsår 2022
Volum 12 m³
Nettovekt 7000 kg
Sted Kasakhstan Nur-Sultan
Dato oppført Jun 06, 2022
Machineryline ID QL28602
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Mer informasjon
Metering complex of the new generation MMDK-12, the main difference from the other models - MODULARITY. Suitable for use with any type of concrete mixers up to 1500 liters.
The total volume of 12 cubic meters of hoppers: two hoppers installed on a special frame. The peculiarity of the division of the hoppers proportion 30\70 - for uninterrupted production of concrete.
The hoppers are emptied at the same time, during the production of traditional grades of concrete.
It is a reinforced batching complex with a large single dose of loading. Ideal for concrete plants with a capacity of up to 30 cubic meters per hour. Can be used in plants with a capacity up to 60 cubic meters per hour with a double feed of inert materials into the mixer, the cyclogram allows you to work in this mode.
The 4 and 8 cubic meter hoppers are divided into two sections, for more uniform distribution of inert materials on the conveyor and more accurate dosage. A total of 2 sections with 2 pneumatic gates, which are controlled by the pneumatic cylinder "Camozzi" (Italy) installed on it.
Each section is equipped with a vibrator shaker "OLI" (Italy) - a total of 2 pieces.
No special foundation is required to install the MMDK-12 dosing complex, the complex is installed on a flat solid ground.
To ensure the performance of the dispensing complex it must be connected to the compressed air line with an operating pressure of at least 0.6 ... 0.8 MPa. We recommend using Abac PRO A49B 200 CT 4 compressor (Italy). For the installation of the compressor, in the frame of the metering complex is already provided with a platform and mounting points. This allows you to easily install the compressor and protect it from dust and atmospheric precipitation.
Dosing unit of inert materials (conveyor) DI-4 is installed under the hoppers on four high-precision load cells "Cas" (South Korea) with a total capacity of 8 tons.
Inert materials (sand, sift, crushed stone, etc.) are fed into the bunkers with the help of hoisting mechanisms.
To protect from ingress in a hopper of large fractions in the bunker grids with a cell of 100 mm х 100 mm or other sizes (option) can be established.
Further all work is carried out with the help of the control panel (depends on the chosen configuration, delivery with automatic or manual control panel is possible). The first hopper section shutter is opened and the main dose of the first component is fed. Precise dosing is carried out by automatic and pulse opening. If it is difficult to supply inert materials from hoppers, the vibrator shaker OLI (Italy) on the necessary section of the hopper is activated for a short time.
Then, in the same sequence, feeding and weighing of the next component from the second hopper is carried out.
As the weighting of aggregates, automatics include a drive dosing conveyor DI-4 and inert go to the reception hopper or concrete mixer.
After unloading the conveyor of inert batching conveyor DI-4, the cycle of dosing is repeated.
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