Komatsu 128us beltegraver

Komatsu 128us beltegraver
Komatsu 128us beltegraver
Komatsu 128us beltegraver bilde 2
Komatsu 128us beltegraver bilde 3
Komatsu 128us beltegraver bilde 4
Komatsu 128us beltegraver bilde 5
Komatsu 128us beltegraver bilde 6
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USD 20 000
≈ € 18 670
≈ kr 213 700
USD 23 400
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Merke:  Komatsu
Modell:  128us
Type:  beltegraver
Produksjonsår:  06/2022
Kjøretimer:  800 m/t
Sted:  Kina CN , Anhui , Hefei, , Yaohai District, 668 Sichun Road
Dato oppført:  24. mai 2024
Machineryline ID:  RA39779
Stand:  brukt
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Farge:  gull

Mer informasjon — Komatsu 128us beltegraver

Luanhui Construction Machinery(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Promises to provide every friend with the lowest factory price, the most perfect quality control, the most first-class service guarantee.
Customers throughout Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, Asia and along the developing countries along the "Belt and Road". We are a first-class supplier agent with more than 70 companies in China, such as South America and other popular machinery export cities, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Asia, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Fujian, Shandong, Henan, Anhui and so on we are also the source warehouse.
Our company's product quality is guaranteed, the product range is complete, including excavators, small excavators, engineering trucks, stirring trucks,
Rollers, graders, loaders, pavers and various accessories will be the fastest delivery time!
If you are looking for construction machinery then congratulations to you, high quality, low price, first-class service, Rennuo is your most reliable choice!
Let us develop together, the future will belong to you!

1) Original imported Japanese hydraulic system parts and good working condition;
2) Stable working hours and high working efficiency;
3) Strong working power and stability;
4) Complete accessory and no oil leaking;
5) Competitive price and good skills;
6) Good Pre-sale and After-sales Services;
WELCOME YOU CONTACT US AND VISIT US TO INSPECT MACHINERY. We sell a full range of second-hand excavators at reasonable prices,Win the trust of our customers,and we can offer the pre-sale reseption services
*Pick you up at airport;
*Reservate hotel for you;
and Guide u visit local attractions when u are free after finish business.
To contact me, you can add my WhatsApp account or send me an email. Thank you very much!

Packaging and delivery
Packaging Details 1. Flat frame is more suitable for large construction equipment without disassembly. 2. Containers are the cheapest and fastest. 3. Bulk carriers are more suitable for large construction equipment.
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