Gomaco 4- track Commander III 6m paving width baneglider

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Merke Gomaco
Modell 4- track Commander III 6m paving width
Type baneglider
Produksjonsår 2005
Kjøretimer 7175 m/t
Sted Tyskland Bornhöved
Dato oppført mer enn 1 måned
Machineryline ID YD21146
Bredde på den lagte banen 6 m
Drivstofftank 208 l
Merke John Deere
Effekt 147 kW (200 hk)
Drivstoff diesel
Stand brukt
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We at BODO INT. are happy to receive your offer for this device.
Fully tested machines, also with TÜV Rheinland certificate on request.
Delivered to your construction site on request.
Refund warranty.
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GOMACO Commander III;
4-Track slipform paver with 6m 3100 open- front- mold with auger, tamper bar and PTA

(can also be used as a three-leg machine with conveyor after conversion)
2200mm trimmer, conveyor, used 2200mm sidewalk mold on request.

The paver is completely revised and overhauled.
-sandblasted and repainted
-new original GOMACO stickers
-new oils and filters
-new hydraulic hoses

First use: 2005
Working hours: ~7.159h
ENGINE (emission-controlled)
Type: John Deere turbocharged diesel.
Power: 200 hp (147.1 kW) 2100 rpm.
Fuel reservoir: 55 gal. (208.2 L), locking cap.
Hydraulic oil reservoir: 170 gal. (643.5 L)
Type: Electronic-over-hydraulic.
Controls: GOMACO's control system features self-diagnostics for grade, steering, cross slope controls, paving accuracy and ease of operation.
Control indicators: Panel-mounted auto control gauges allow operator to monitor control signals as machine follows stringline.
Reverse auto control: Single switch sets controls automated control with machine traveling in reverse.
Slope transition system: Software for the slope transition is available and features automatic correction for grade elevation, automatic correction for steering, and eliminates the need for stringline adjustment.
Pumps: Two double-stage main pumps provide 95 gpm (359.6 Lpm) 2100 rpm. One pressure-compensated lift control pump provides 11.5 gpm (43.5 Lpm) 2100 rpm.
Hydraulic oil cooling: Extra capacity forced-air oil cooler and reservoir designed with internal baffling for atmospheric cooling.
Filtration: Industry standard filtration, including 10-micron control circuit filter, 100 wire mesh control circuit strainers and reusable double magnetic sump strainers.
Type: Hydraulically powered, motor in head, variable speed, independently controlled.
Quantity: 16 hydraulic circuits
Type: Pressurized water system.
Capacity: 100 gal. (378.5 L), 12 cfm (.3 cmm) air compressor, hose and nozzle. Water pressure, 90 psi.

Four-track machine:
Transport length: 34 ft. 7.86 in. (10.56 m) extended 28 ft. 7.86 in. (8.73 m) retracted.
Transport height: 8 ft. 9 in. (2.67 m) with mold attached
Transport width: 8 ft. 2.25 in. (2.5 m)
WEIGHTS (Approximate)

Four-track machine:
Four-track paver: 28,500 lbs. (12,928 kg).16 ft. (5 m) mold: 8,400 lbs. (3,810 kg).
Total weight: 36,900 lbs. (16,738 kg).

4 - Track Paving Package (used) Framework for 5.0m Wide Paving
-includes 4th leg; 4th track; walkway assembly for
getting on and off machine; hose extensions for
legs and tracks; 2 sensor arms; and mold mounts
for 2.5m up to 5.00-Metre-wide paving.
-Emergency stop and guard for track.
-sensor arms
1.83m Frame Extension (used)
-For paving from 5.0m to 6.0m

16 hydraulic circuits

Pressurized water system

Unused 3100 6m sectionable mold (1x 1m; 1x 0,5m; 2x 0,25m; 2x 0,998m)
open- front- mold with auger and tamper bar
PTA hydraulically-powered transition adjuster
for changing crown and slope changes during installation
Conveyor belt, trimmer and walkway mold as an option

15/16 Vibrators needed
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