Morbidelli Author M100 annen trebehandlingsmaskin

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Merke Morbidelli
Modell Author M100
Type annen trebehandlingsmaskin
Produksjonsår 2018
Sted Nederland ROTTERDAM
Dato oppført Aug 06, 2022
Machineryline ID GV26867
Stand brukt
Mer informasjon
Condition: Used
Control unit: SCM eye-M
Axis: 5
X-Axis travel: 3110 mm
Y-Axis travel: 1620 mm
Z-Axis travel: 180 mm
Tool changer: 28 HSK F63
Bars: 6
Vacuum pump: 250 m3/h
Availability: Immediately
Observations: *Information can sometimes be inaccurate and change without notice!
Woodworking - CNC Machining center
More info
Bar and suction cup machine
5-axis machine
Functioning with 4 axes
Group of holes in vertical direction "X" - "Y" .- 13
Group of holes in horizontal direction "X" - "Y" .- 6 + 4
Work table-Bars and suction cups
Machine software.-SCM MAESTRO CNC
Machine control.-SCM eye-M
SCM TechPad .- (Programmable remote control)
SCM PRO-Space .- (Safety system based on a crash bumper)
SCM TRB-14.-SCM TV Flex work table (The TV Flex is a console table for CNC machining centers
The TV Flex table has a one circle vacuum system. The vacuum is only used to clamp the workpieces in the suction block / pad being used.)
SCM Spindle JQX .- (Abbreviation for Just Quality eXtreme
This is a spindle introduced to the market in 2017 for CNC machining centers of the SCM group. The JQX spindle was specially developed for use in Morbidelli M100 and M200 series machines
This is a 5-axis spindle based on the Prisma spindle with a performance of up to 15 kW. To achieve the highest possible quality at a very low price
the spindle was made with direct drive
like the Prisam spindle of the first generation
so fewer elements are needed
which potentially lowers the price and increases the reliability.)
Added saw in the direction "X"
* Please note that this description may have been translated automatically. The information of this classified ad are only indicative and change without notice! GLOMACHT recommends to check the details with the seller. Contact us for further information.*
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